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Happy October! So It's not a secret that Halloween if my favorite. Lets face it, I have some Halloween decorations up all year long. I see no reason having things packed in storage that provide me with so much joy and inspiration everyday. One of my favorite things is hunting for fun and unique products and art to decorate my home and to wear so now that my site is back up I will be sharing more of my finds and how we decorate for Halloween in our home each year. It's fun getting to add new things to our collection that both Doug and I have picked out together!

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Wow, where did the year go? I didn't plan on taking such a long break from my blog but I blinked and most of the year had passed. So to get anyone who might read this up to speed, I moved last year across the country and since then have been setting up our home, organizing my collections, and doing home improvements when I have the time. I meant to share photos on here of our progress but it all just became too overwhelming.

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