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Hi everyone! Things have gotten a bit crazy over here so I'm pretty behind on everything. I wanted to share a interview Momiji posted on their blog if you're interested. If you don't know Momiji dolls, take a look at their shop and doll archive. I became obsessed with them when I discovered them years ago. All mine are in storage still but I added a few photos I found.

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I've shared photos of my home for many years since I purchased it back in 2008. I didn't have a blog or website to really document the things I did so I used my Flickr to share photos as my home progressed. I spend a lot of time in my house and wanted to make it someplace I wanted to be, someplace that made me happy. I've always loved interior design and love to decorate with things I've collected over the years. Here are some photos of the front rooms of my home the living room and dining room. I've always wanted one huge wall that I could display my toy collection on and my dining room just became the place to do that and have it visible but not too intrusive. I collect a lot of things but I also get claustrophobic easily so I have to organize everything! 

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