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Happy October! So it's not a secret that Halloween if my favorite. Lets face it, I have some Halloween decorations up all year long. I see no reason having things packed in storage that provide me with so much joy and inspiration everyday. One of my favorite things is hunting for fun and unique products and art to decorate my home and to wear so now that my site is back up I will be sharing more of my finds and how we decorate for Halloween in our home each year. It's fun getting to add new things to our collection that both Doug and I have picked out together!

Check out my PRODUCT FiNDS pages for new and changing products I think are cool. Maybe you will too! Here are a few of my favorites so far but there is so much fun stuff! I will be adding more things to each category throughout the month. If you're looking for even more Halloween ideas be sure to also check out my PiNTEREST feed.  A lot will be from small shops and artist because I am very passionate about supporting my fellow artists.


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If you're an artist or shop with Halloween inspired products feel free to send me a link of your work to check out! 


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