Thank you for stopping by! Let me introduce myself. My name is Sara Harvey and I am currently a freelance artist living in Santa Cruz, Ca with my husband Doug, our son Kai, and two furry creatures, Ash and Alice. I have over 16 years professional experience as a graphic designer and illustrator. A decade of that was in the greeting card industry. I've worked as a designer, illustrator, production artist, color correction and trends specialist, throughout my years at Hallmark Cards and Recycled Paper Greetings.

For over 6 years I have worked with social media and trends in the fashion, art, and design world. I gained over 2.8 million followers organically through Pinterest over those years as well as a large following on my Instagram account. All of which I still do for fun regardless of followers. I love to share everything that inspires me and having others appreciate what I do is very humbling. I currently work with brands of all sizes to style and create compelling images of their products for print and social media outlets.

Here you will find my creative portfolio, my blog where I share my many passions in life and my shop that will be coming soon! Everything I create or share will now live here. It's actually the first time I have ever had one site for everything and I'm pretty excited about! I'm still in the process of adding things so stay tuned!