Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Happy Wednesday! So next up on my products I wanted to share from Redbubble is this beautiful scarf with artwork by Karl James Mountford. I'm in love with it. I've been wearing more scarves over the years and I'm excited about this one because I love the illustration. I really wanted to see how these printed and looked in person and I'm so pleased with the quality. Any artist or designer looking to print your work on products, be sure to check them out. It's totally worth trying. There are so many amazing artist whose work you can get printed on these and now I'm obsessed with what to get next and how I can style it. I made this one into a quick skirt over my dress because I wanted to be able to see the fun print but there are so many ways to wear it or just hang one on your wall as art. It looked really nice on my bed as a way to change up your decor as well. 

Once again, have a wonderful night!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Happy Sunday! It's a super lazy day for us around here and I need it! I've been having some eye issues lately that have greatly slowed me down. I am always staring at a screen which has made it worse so I've been trying to take it easy and take care of myself. This unfortunately makes it difficult to get a lot of work done. I'm trying not to get TOO behind so I want to get some posts out that I've been meaning to share. 

I'm a crazy bag lady. I have way too many purses and most don't get used enough. I'm working on that. What I do use more often are bags or backpacks when I'm out exploring to hold all my random crap.

I love shops where artist can print their work on products. It's a really great way to find more one of a kind products and support artists. If you haven't purchased anything from Redbubble it might be a little overwhelming searching through thousands of art and products so I will be putting together lists of products I like and sharing those when I have time. I'm huge on craft and printing quality and everything I received from them have exceeded my expectations. If you are an artist looking for a place to sell some of your work on cool products, I thought it might be helpful to see more printed products so you have a better idea of how they turn out looking in person. Here are some photo of my new hamburger bag by Anna Alekseeva. She has more really cute patterns and illustrations in her shop. I carried this bag all over Disneyland a couple weeks ago and it survived getting soaked on Splash Mountain! 

As soon as I have a little extra time I will share a list of bags I found that I liked

Have a wonderful Sunday! 

Monday, November 30, 2015


Two posts in one day? What's happening?! So I've been absent for awhile because lets face it, I'm working ALL the time and I can't complain because I love getting to work on all sorts of different projects but it leaves little time for much else and I need sleep every now and then. We finally have a lot of projects closer to being done at our house and I've been putting my rainbow toy wall back up. I will post better photos of that soon. I've also been sharing behind the scenes stuff on my snapchat : loveoftoys.

So why all the posts all of a sudden? Well I finally have some time so I want to start posting some fun products for the holidays. I will be pinning more as well on my Pinterest account.  

I've never had a small dog, in fact my husky Ash is the only dog I've owned other than cats. Now I live with my boyfriends weird little creature who can't fit her tongue in her mouth...and it's hilarious, she's hilarious. So I guess it's mandatory to own lots of products with pugs on them when one decides to own one of these funny little creatures. Some of the cutest pug illustrations I found recently are by Puglie Pug. I picked up this pizza pug pillow from Redbubble and you can get all kinds of other products with the artwork on it. All the products I have from Redbubble have been really well made and printed if you're someone interested in having your own artwork printed on something.
Have a wonderful night!

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